The U.S. Embassy and 51% Coalition Invite Jamaican Youth to View First U.S. Presidential Debate

The U.S. presidential election campaign (and what a strange one it is) is now in its “tun up” phase – to use a current Jamaican phrase. The first Presidential Debate is tomorrow evening, and the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica is partnering with the 51% Coalition, and Panos Caribbean as implementing partner, for a live viewing and discussion. This will be the first in a series in which the partners plan to seriously examine democracy issues in the United States and their relevance to our own Jamaica. Please see today’s press release. 

Please follow @51Coalition on Twitter for live tweets from the event, throughout the evening! (6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Jamaican time).


U.S. Embassy, 51% Coalition Partner on “Dinner and a Debate” Series Ahead of U.S. Presidential Elections

JAMAICAN youth will have an opportunity this Monday evening (September 26, 2016) to share in the cut and thrust of the first United States (U.S.) Presidential Debate ahead of the 2016 elections.


They are to gather at the ProComm building at 2 Phoenix Avenue in Kingston, where they will participate in the live viewing of the debate action.


12647131_911172462302464_5295014484911515649_n-2Monday’s viewing is the first in the “Dinner and a Debate” series of the United States Embassy in Kingston, brought to the public through collaboration with the 51% Coalition, with Panos Caribbean as implementing partner.

The series forms a part of a larger initiative to raise awareness and advance understanding of the U.S. election process, with an examination of lessons and implications for Jamaica and the Caribbean, in the interest of responsible and democratic governance.


logopknew1“The United States and Jamaica have been partners for centuries,” said Counsellor for Public Affairs Joshua Polacheck. “And with this historic election, we approached the 51% Coalition to ensure that the Jamaican public has an opportunity to understand the issues facing the American voter. We’re even bringing officials from the two major political parties to explain their respective party platforms.”

Three other debate viewing events, which will target a variety of stakeholders, and two public education fora involving speakers from the two U.S. political parties are also a part of the suite of activities under the initiative.

“The initiative represents an opportunity for all Jamaicans to be engaged on a dynamic and intriguing political process that is teeming with issues of relevance to the island and to the Caribbean as a whole,” said Panos Caribbean Country Director Petre Williams-Raynor.

“The 51% Coalition looks forward to the next few weeks, eager for the sharing and learning they will afford and trust that our people — women and men, young and old — will support the effort,” she added.


The 51% Coalition is an alliance of women, women’s organisations and partners that formalises collaboration that has been taking place over a number of years. The 51% Coalition seeks to promote gender equality on boards and in decision-making as a means of ensuring that Jamaica has her best chance at national development. The Coalition is working to secure quotas to advance women’s participation in decision-making and more broadly to press for the effective implementation of the National Policy on Gender Equality and the achievement of Vision 2030.

For more information, contact: Ms. Adene Chung, Panos Caribbean. Email:  Tel: (876) 920-0070

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