Young Jamaican Entrepreneur “In Wood” Seeks Funding to Expand Her Business

Do you know Bartley’s All In Wood? Lacey-Ann Bartley is a highly focused, determined, hands-on young Jamaican entrepreneur with a clear vision for her company – and for her country. She’s innovative and ambitious, and is now seeking funding to expand her business and employ more young men in the rural community where she works. I am sharing below more information about Bartley’s All in Wood, and hope that you will be able to support them. Look out for their beautifully made products and buy them for yourself or as gifts! 

Lacey-Ann Bartley, Managing Director of Bartley’s All in Wood, is seeking funding from the community to grow her business in a bid to supply the demand for Jamaican craft in the hotel sector and employ more young men. “I grew up in the wood-work shop with my father and many apprentices. I saw how he helped them and the difference learning a skill made in their lives. That helped fuel my desire to want to be a part of such a change,” she says.


While at the University of the West Indies (UWI) and even in high school, Lacey was involved in youth work and advocacy. She believes her work at Bartley’s is in keeping with that ethos to create change. Not only is she speaking out, but she is using the resources to put TALK into ACTION: “Change is not about talk only but action. Touching young people’s lives requires getting involved in a real way.”

“Jamaica is the Land of Wood and Water. We have natural resources, and we have Brand Jamaica,” adds Lacey. “We have a beautiful culture that can be captured in anything, especially wood. We have different colours, different shapes and another opportunity is local craftsmanship. I want to showcase that in our products.”

Lacey-Ann believes that there is an opportunity for Jamaican furniture to build on existing local demand and win an international reputation – the industry is valued at J$107 billion. Currently, small producers like her family have challenges in producing the goods quickly enough and in adapting to modern designs.

“I want to lead the industry in a different direction by building a friendly, family business that is still responsive to the customer’s needs – be it for a customised item or an urgent delivery time,” says Lacey. “I want to manufacture with my customer in mind. My lines will include household and office items such as bowls, kitchen utensils, pen holders and promotional items made by Jamaican youth.”

This is one of Lacey-Ann's famous Woogies! Lovely hair accessories.
This is one of Lacey-Ann’s famous Woogies! Lovely hair accessories.

In addition to skills, training and apprenticeship for community youth, the company has planted trees in the parish & donated to football programmes. In the near future, Lacey wants to build a large commercial factory, to provide more practical opportunities for students from the HEART Trust Academy and males in the community, who want to obtain qualifications in woodwork and furniture making to ensure the survival of the craft, create opportunities and give hope.

“I want to expand the business into a large factory and train and employ more young people,” says Lacey. “You’ve taken the step to educate yourself with a vocational skill, so then you should be rewarded with employment opportunities and I want to help them with that.”

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About the face of Bartley’s:

Lacey-Ann Bartley is a 28 year old female graduate of UWI, who recently completed her M.Sc in Government from the same University. Born in Mandeville, Manchester, Lacey has a passion for her family, her community and Jamaica; her business encompasses all three elements. It has always been her dream to take over her family furniture business spearheaded by her father Stanford Bartley, a furniture manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience. Being a part of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has made this dream a reality. The first of two children, Lacey grew up working in her father’s wood workshop and learned the trade at an early stage. All four members of the family take part in production.

My work is the window to my soul bearing things that words can’t, expressing emotions only wood can; shaped by love gained and lost, indented by strength and finished with resilience and faith. – Lacey Ann D Bartley

Over the last four years, Bartley’s has evolved from a fledgling furniture shop into an eco-friendly woodwork business in Jamaica with major corporate clients. Today, it is a known name in woodwork and a member of Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association. Lacey is a Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 and a “Bold One” 2014.

Lacey designs and makes beautiful wooden jewelry - earrings, bracelets and rings.
Lacey designs and makes beautiful wooden jewelry – earrings, bracelets and rings.

Located in Mandeville, the company was registered on December 16, 2011 and was born from the family business, Bartley’s Furniture. Each piece is a family effort and made with love. Our hallmark is quality finishes, and personalized service. We work with an array of wood types including: Cedar, Guango, Mahogany, Blue Mahoe, Poplar, and Pine among others. Our products are designed and tested based on the feedback and demands from our customers. Our product line is expanded based on the suggestions of our clients. Our products from the Lacey- Ann and Carlene Collections are uniquely designed using the “Outta Many One Wood” concept (mixed wood) which is visually appealing and used by very few competitors. Much of the material used for Bartley’s jewellery and household items is obtained from the off cuts of furniture production, including our renowned WOOGIE. Our products can be found in over eight shops and salons island-wide.

Our custom made furniture is also handmade from genuine Jamaican wood and features both contemporary and traditional designs.

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