When Girls don’t want to be Girls

A few weeks ago, I gave a little talk to members of the I’m Glad I’m a Girl Foundation at the University of the West Indies’ Mary Seacole Hall about blogging, as a useful tool for advocacy and for getting one’s ideas out there. I am so happy that they took me up on my suggestion to write a “summer blog” ahead of and during their Summer Camp in the last week of July. So I am reblogging another nice post! Do take a read!

I'm Glad I'm A Girl Foundation

When Beyonce’s ‘If I were a boy’ came out, it was a big hit. I don’t believe it was particularly because of her good singing voice or the music video, though I must admit I have never watched the latter.  I believe it became a huge hit more so because it brought across a message that resonated with many females. In the song Beyonce expresses her desire to experience life as the opposite sex and highlights the ease with which the male goes through life without the scrutiny of larger society as he rolls out of bed, goes beer drinking at leisure and is promiscuous. Beyonce’s song highlights what is inarguably an inequitable society that some believe favour the boy and by extension the adult man.

As an adult female, I can say without controversy that I was blessed to be afforded equity within my home. Coming from a female…

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