#AToZChallengeJamaica: G is for Good Governance

Fellow blogger Dennis has gone rather political in his #AToZChallengeJamaica ! Transparency International’s guidelines make a lot of sense… But are they indeed “doable” at all in Jamaica?

Jamaica: Political Economy

Oh, this is tricky…. Good governance is as hard to find in Jamaica as a good snow-covered slope. For years, we’ve had political leaders hoist the flags of transparency and accountability. But, like something surrounded by a force field, these aimsseem unapproachable. The furore about declaration of assets is but another example of this.

Promises that go unfulfilled seem to fill our lives, and are as Jamaican as apple pie is to Americans.Why is this so hard?

Can we rely on Parliament to give us good governance? While we consider financial declaration, we can look at key guidance. Transparency International produced a working paper on the subject in 2014. It’s easy reading and its messages are clear:

  • Asset declarations serve to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute corruption.
  • Asset disclosures need to capture elements that could potentially influence or corrupt public officials: assets, liabilities, income from all…

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