St. John Ambulance Offers Emergency Response Training to Transport Sector

We are all very much aware of the increase in fatal car accidents across Jamaica – not to mention the many who have been injured in these terrible accidents. St. John Ambulance in Jamaica is responding to what could almost be called a crisis at this point, by offering training in emergency skills to the transport sector in particular. If you are working in this field, do get in touch with St. John regarding the two-day training course on June 13 and 14. Here is their press release:

Four Jamaicans died in this crash in Braco, Trelawny last year. (Photo: Gleaner)
Four people died in this crash in Braco, Trelawny last year. (Photo: Gleaner)

As the number of fatal accidents on the nation’s roads continues to increase, Master Trainers from St John Ambulance have stepped in to equip members of the transport sector with emergency medical response skills.

Selbourne Webb, Director of Training, St John Ambulance, explained that the training sessions are part of the organisation’s efforts to boost essential skills. “We want to help to stem the tide of loss of life and of life-altering injuries. One of our key strategies is to equip those who are in the cut and thrust of moving people with the necessary skills to manage injuries caused by road crashes,” he said.

The two-day course, on Monday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 15, will cover the ABC’s of first aid, where trainees are instructed in how to treat the airway, breathing and circulation of a patient, three critical factors in preventing injury and promoting recovery. Participants will also receive training in techniques such as stemming bleeding, and treating cuts and bone fractures.

The Ministry of Transport and Mining reports that there has been a four per cent increase in the number of fatalities caused by road crashes for the period January to April, over the figures for the same period in 2015.

St John Ambulance has also customised its training programmes so that senior citizens; young adults; those involved in paediatric care; and personnel in high-risk areas such as mining, health, security and energy, can have access to first aid training.

In addition, the organisation has partnered with the Jamaica National (JN) Foundation and the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) in a ‘First Responders’ programme, where community volunteers have been trained in EMR techniques to deal with road crashes and other life threatening medical emergencies in their communities.

“St John is convinced that if more people were equipped with this valuable skill, police blotters on crime, violence, crash emergencies and terrorism would be significantly compressed,” Mr Webb remarked.


For additional information please contact:

Lavern Reid | Communications Specialist | St John Ambulance | Tel: 876 550 3607 |

St. John Jamaica

Tel: 926-7656 or 906-1458

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