Reader’s QA: What Truly Maketh A Man?

People get confused about transgender issues. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings – and hostility and discrimination, based on a lack of understanding. So, I am sharing this latest blog from a Jamaican transgender man, which I think would be helpful. You can also check out TransWave’s blog, which has an extremely useful section (if you scroll down) on “Transgender Terms.” Go to:

The Other Gentleman

I was recently asked by a reader what it is that makes me a man. And once again, I was placed in an indescribable position where I felt like I had to validate my identity. The truth is, gender is a social construct. It is something we humans made up and something with which we each identify in our own ways.

Gender identity is a very personal experience and is but one component of our social identities. One’s gender identity is their innermost concept of self as man or woman, or both, or neither. It is how we perceive ourselves and call ourselves using the labels which society has provided to us, or the ones we coin when what exists is insufficient.

There is no wrong or right way to be a man or a woman (or both, or neither), though society would have us believe differently. And as gender is a social…

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