EU-LAC Foundation Connects Cultures Through Jamaican Art Auction in Hamburg – For Jamaicans!

The EU-LAC Foundation in collaboration with Hamburg City Hall and the Jamaican National Building Society Foundation (JN Foundation), has organized something really quite special:  the fourth event in a series called EU-LAC Art Sessions – Connecting Cultures. This time, a very special artistic perspective on Jamaica will help support Eve for Life, the Jamaican non-governmental organization serving young mothers living with HIV and their children.

One of the rooms in the City Hall of Hamburg, where the photographs are displayed.
One of the rooms in the City Hall of Hamburg, where the photographs are displayed.


The photography exhibition is called Out of Many, One Jamaica. It comes from the JN Foundation’s excellent Resolution Project, which offers young people from rural Jamaica avenues to express the issues they care about, using photography. The results have been outstanding. I wrote about it in 2014:

Out of Many, One Jamaica depicts day-to-day life in Jamaica through the camera lenses of young people. It is surprising, challenging and often unexpected, helping to break down the stereotypes that others may have about Jamaica. The exhibition will be on display at Hamburg’s City Hall from the 25th of April to the 9th of May within the framework of European Week 2016 (Europawoche 2016) in Hamburg. Afterwards, the photography exhibition will move to the EU-LAC Foundation’s Headquarters on 26th May during the “Long Evening of the Consulates,” an annual event organised by the City of Hamburg, in which the EU-LAC Foundation has actively participated since 2013.

The photographs can be acquired through a silent auction from April 25th to May 28th 2016 until 12pm. The start bid for one photo is at €100. If you are interested, please submit your bid to with the reference “Auction” during the time period indicated. For more information in English and German, go to:“out-many-one-jamaica”  You can also bid on any of the photos, even if you are not in Hamburg, here:

One of JN Foundation's Resolution Project photographs.
One of JN Foundation’s Resolution Project brilliant photographs.

The EU-LAC Foundation, established in 2010, is based in Hamburg, Germany and has 62 members: the 33 states of Latin America and the Caribbean, the 28 members of the European Union, and the European Union institutions. The purpose and mission of the Foundation is to transform the strategic partnership between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, which was adopted in 1999, into an active one. It works with the business sector, governments, civil society and academia to enhance and implement a shared vision based on several key principles, including democracy and the rule of law; respect for personal dignity and rights; tolerance; and creating more inclusive and cohesive societies.

Ambassador Paola Amadei and a guest at the viewing of the Out of Many, One Jamaica photographic exhibit in Hamburg.
Ambassador Paola Amadei and a guest at the viewing of the Out of Many, One Jamaica photographic exhibit in Hamburg.

The Foundation is currently headed by Executive Director Ambassador Paola Amadei, who left Jamaica not long ago, having served as Ambassador of the European Union to Jamaica, Belize, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands from 2012 – 2016. Ambassador Amadei was a wonderful diplomat in Kingston, with a special care and concern for women. She did great work and I know she has been missed since leaving us in January. Thank you for still caring about Jamaica, Ambassador!

I am hoping – and keeping fingers crossed – that the exhibition will raise lots of money. Please take a look at the photos and place your bid. For more information, go to the weblink above – and please share this information with colleagues and friends, at home and abroad!


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