A Bucket List of Books?

For lifelong bookworms like my friend and fellow blogger Susan Goffe and myself, the choice may be to go into unknown waters in one’s reading habits, or to stick with those authors one knows and loves. Personally, I still do enjoy those little forays into the unknown. But, in the interests of time… Should one become more conservative? I am not too sure.

Right Steps & Poui Trees

I remember falling in love with Samuel Beckett’s works in Sixth Form. We were doing “Malone Dies” for A Levels and, in addition to having an excellent teacher, the searing scrutiny of the human condition resonated with something in my adolescent soul. After the three novels, I quickly went on to read “Waiting for Godot” and “Endgame” and without hesitation declared the man a genius!

So taken was I with Beckett, that in a letter to my grandparents (then in their late 60s/early 70s) I exhorted them to read “Malone Dies”, telling them how good it was. I still remember my grandfather’s reply in his next letter. He said that at his age, he preferred to stick with writers he already knew and liked. It was the first time I had thought about having to choose which books to read based on limited time left for reading. I didn’t fully…

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2 thoughts on “A Bucket List of Books?

  1. I too am a life-long bookworm – I often ask my friends for their list of TOP 10 BOOKS they’ve ever read – often get some great recommendations that way! If I find an author I like I read all their books but then I like to explore new authors too, especially if they have been recommended to me! What are your top 10 Emma!?


    1. Hmmm… I will have to think about it. Off the top of my head…High on the list would be two English classics that greatly influenced me from my teens onwards: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It would be easy to find ten books, but what to leave out is the question! I will have to give it some thought. I also love the work of Donna Tartt. “The Goldfinch” is an absolute gem!


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