51% Coalition Speaks Out on Everald Warmington’s Offensive Comments in Parliament

January 21, 2016

Statement on Remarks by Everald Warmington, M.P. in Parliament

The 51% Coalition: Women in Partnership for Development and Empowerment wishes to express great concern at the utterances of Everald Warmington, M.P. on January 19, 2016 during a debate in the Lower House. On two occasions, Mr. Warmington referred to fellow Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna as a “Jezebel,” a term that is highly offensive to women.

Mr. Warmington’s behaviour is not only an insult to Ms. Hanna and to all Jamaican women, but also an indication of his disrespect for the Parliament and the people he serves. As an elected Member of Parliament, Mr. Warmington should be setting an example to children, and young men in particular, regarding respectful behavior – and in particular towards women. It is noteworthy that Mr. Warmington has complained about Ms. Hanna’s attire in the past and has even moved a motion on correct dress for women in the House. Furthermore Mr. Warmington has become infamous for his inappropriate behavior, which includes the use of profanity to journalists and using demeaning terminologies such as “garbage” which he used to describe Finance Minister Peter Philips.

Mr. Warmington’s vulgar behaviour has served to create a toxic atmosphere in the Lower House, where the people’s business is conducted. On this occasion, his abusive response to colleagues, who protested his remarks compounded the problem. In addition this utterance from Mr. Warmington contravenes the intent of the Sexual Harassment Bill, which is to be discussed in Parliament.

An offhand withdrawal of his remarks is not sufficient. The Coalition demands that Mr. Warmington immediately and publicly apologizes to Ms. Hanna and to all women representatives present; and to colleagues in the Lower House in general, for bringing the House into disrepute. Furthermore, the Coalition is awaiting an apology to the Jamaican people. It also expects that Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and his colleagues will distance themselves immediately from Mr. Warmington’s reprehensible behavior and will make clear statements indicating their strong rejection of such language. In light of this persistent behaviour we ask that all applicable Parliamentary Sanctions be enforced on Mr. Warmington.

Please feel free to contact Nikeisha Sewell Lewis at 929-8873 for further information.

Signed : 51% Coalition

Nikeisha Sewell Lewis

Emma Lewis

Institute for Gender and Development Studies


Young Women’s Leadership Initiative

Joan Grant Cummings

Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre

PANOS Caribbean

Joan French

Judith Wedderburn

Jamaica Household Workers’ Union

Women Business Owners

WMW Jamaica (formerly Women’s Media Watch)

Sharene McKenzie


4 thoughts on “51% Coalition Speaks Out on Everald Warmington’s Offensive Comments in Parliament

  1. Emma Thanks much. (Happy New Year).

    Can u still add WMW Jamaica? Seems in effort to adjust womens media watch to the acronym ..we got omitted:(. Cant do anything about the Press version already sent .but can u …for your Blog.

    Great if can . Ta

    Pat Patricia Phillips, MA, SSJD (Ms) (nee Donald) Independent Development Practitioner

    Technical Areas -: Gender/& HIV, Organizational /Community Dev., Family Life, Spirituality ………….

    Skills-: Project and Programme Management , Participatory Action / Feminist Research; Strategic Planning / Visioning, Team Building, Facilitation and Training; Writing, Illustrations, Individual & Group Counselling, Mediation, Spiritual Direction

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  2. I think 51%coalition has the rite to condemn Mr. Warmington for his statement in Parliament. However there r always three sides to every story. He, She n the truth. Has anyone ask her what she said in Parliament?
    If someone tells u to”SIT DOWN B…. BWOI, WHAT DO U KNOW HURRY COME UP”. what would u say?
    I would tell whosoever the same r worst.


    1. I have not seen or heard anything she said, nor was anything recorded in the Hansard. Was it not recorded anywhere? It’s pure childishness to say “Oh she started it” – and no one knows what she said. Like kids in a playground. Besides, this is yet another example of disrespectful behavior from this man, who does not just target one person but seems to display this attitude to journalists and other colleagues in the house – male and female.


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