Visiting the Protected Sanctuary of Portland Bight

Here is a wonderful post from my friend Caroline Wright, who is now living in Jamaica. We got to know each other via our blogs – I was fascinated by her experiences in Nepal (and then there was the earthquake…) I love this post and fabulous photos about an area very dear to my heart, the Portland Bight Protected Area. Goat Islands (STILL threatened by a Chinese megaport, and still little information on the planned “development”) is a part of this wild and beautiful area… I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and we look forward to Latham’s documentary on the fishermen of the area.

Wright Outta Nowhere

jamaican horses

Portland Bight is an area of water and protected coastline about 1.5 hours drive outside of Kingston. In 1999 the Jamaican government designated the area as a marine sanctuary to protect a wide variety of endemic species including birds, reptiles, and freshwater and marine life. I had already learnt a little about local conservation efforts through the very interesting blog posts of my new friend, Emma Lewis, writer and blogger, Petchary, on her blog at I had followed her posts for about a year before we arrived in Kingston, after searching for interesting Jamaican bloggers who could teach me more about our future home.  Latham was looking for a subject for his new documentary and Emma kindly introduced him to the wonderful staff at C-CAM (the Caribbean Costal Area Management Foundation), an organization that works tireless to keep the Portand Bight waters protected, to educate local fishermen on the…

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