Join BirdsCaribbean’s Cuban Birding Tour in 2016!

Would you like to spend some time exploring, enjoying and learning about Cuba’s wealth of birdlife, beautiful environment and exciting culture?


BirdsCaribbean and the Caribbean Birding Trail are offering two exciting trips to the island of Cuba in January and in March next year, with acclaimed Cuban bird guide, Ernesto Reyes Mouriño. The trip is open to all – experienced birders and amateur bird lovers alike!

Cuba is well-known for its amazing landscapes, vibrant culture and unique biodiversity. According to the new book by Nils Navarro, Endemic Birds of Cuba: A Comprehensive Field Guide, 371 birds have been recorded in Cuba, including 26 which are endemic to the island and 30 which are considered globally threatened. Due to its large land area and geographical position within the Caribbean, Cuba is also extraordinarily important for Neotropical migratory birds—more than 180 species pass through during migration or spend the winter on the island.

The Zapata Swamp National Park is home
The Zapata Swamp National Park, a Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Site, where 254 species of birds have been recorded. (Photo:

The itinerary will take you to several of the best and most beautiful birding locations in Cuba, providing opportunities to see many of Cuba’s endemic species and subspecies as well as many migrants. These sites include the varied habitats of Zapata Swamp (the third largest wetland in the Americas), a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Site;  the beautiful Enigma de las Rocas Trail; the Las Salinas Refuge; the Viñales Valley; Cayo Coco; and Cayo Coredon Grande, among others.

Along the way, participants will meet people in local communities, stay mainly in Bed & Breakfast establishments (casas particulares) and eat in private restaurants (paladares), allowing you to experience Cuba’s rich culture, delicious food, friendly people, and generous hospitality. There will also be time to tour the city of Havana.


The Caribbean Birding Trail program is being developed to raise global awareness of the unique birds and biodiversity of the Caribbean and to create a sustainable economy around these rare species, in an effort to protect them. This important program creates a direct connection between birds and the tourism economy that many islands depend on. As part of this program BirdsCaribbean organizes and promotes bird tours to help support local guides and conservation of important sites on the Caribbean Birding Trail (including some in Jamaica, where interpretive bird guide training took place in June this year).

A portion of the proceeds from the trip will support BirdsCaribbean’s bird conservation programs in Cuba and the Caribbean. With new relations between the U.S. and Cuba opening up, this is the perfect time to take your birding trip to Cuba.

So… What are you waiting for? Read full details and sign up for one of these trips on the BirdsCaribbean website at:

Conference Coordinator, the awesome Latoya West-Blackwood, poses with Nils Navarro - and his book,
Conference Coordinator, the awesome Latoya West-Blackwood, poses with Nils Navarro – and his book, “Endemic Birds of Cuba: A Comprehensive Field Guide,” which he launched at the 20th International Meeting of BirdsCaribbean in Kingston, Jamaica in July, 2015. (Photo: BirdsCaribbean)



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