Christmas is Coming… Buy Some Cards for a Good Cause

Yes, it’s November, the days are just a little shorter and the weather a little sweeter. Christmas is not far away, and this year (for once) we have been proactive and have already bought Christmas cards. This year, do support one of our charities or “good causes” by buying their cards.

This year we have bought from the S.T.E.P. Centre (the School for Therapy Education and Parenting of Children with Multiple Disabilities – a beautiful school built by the Digicel Foundation, which I visited and wrote about not long ago. Here are the designs we purchased (they cost J$100 each), and they have several other lovely art cards. They also have cards that are blank inside, if you are looking for those.

Drop by the S.T.E.P. Centre at 4 Tremaine Road, Kingston 6. Call them at 946-3611 or email: They are also on Facebook and their website is:  It’s a wonderful place…

From top left they are: “Strawberry Hill” by Katrina Abrahams-Clarke; “Touch Me” artwork by the children; “Our Christmas Tree” artwork by the children; “Parrot in a  Pear Tree” by Stephanie Martin; and “Family” by Alphanso Blake.

S.T.E.P. Centre Christmas cards, J$100 each. (My photo)
S.T.E.P. Centre Christmas cards, J$100 each. (My photo)

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