The Unelected Majority and the Elected Minority

Human rights activist Susan Goffe has now “joined the ranks of the bloggers” as she put it. This is very exciting! I know we will all benefit from her comments and thoughts on human rights and justice, democracy and the state of Jamaica today. I have truly admired Susan’s work over the years, and I’m proud to share her first blog post – punchy and to the point. And no, Susan, I am one of those who will not sit down and shut up!

Right Steps & Poui Trees

The majority of us will never hold public office or lead the country or head a government ministry. We know the challenges faced by those who do are often great. But that doesn’t mean we must sit down and shut up in the arena of public discourse.

There are those who say that unless you can tell how to solve the problem at hand, you have no right to criticize. That would mean that most of us wouldn’t be able to say anything about the outbreak of infection in health care facilities or fires at open garbage dumps or the emptying of untreated sewage into our waterways. The thing is, we see and feel the effects of these things and as citizens in a democracy we have the right (the duty?) to speak out and ask questions; the right to indicate that we are not happy – are very distressed, actually…

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