“Queen Nanny” to Premiere at the United Nations on National Heroes Day

Jamaica’s National Heroes Day is around the corner (it is Monday, October 19). Now, appropriately on that same date, a new documentary chronicling the life and exploits of our only woman National Hero (to date) Nanny of the Maroons will be premiered at the United Nations in New York City. The Jamaica Mission to the United Nations played a leading role in the UN’s recognition of the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (the Permanent Memorial was unveiled on 25 March 2015), and is one of the sponsors of the World Premiere. NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY: The Jamaican premiere will take place at 6:30 pm on Friday, October 23, at the University of the West Indies. Gloria “Mama G” Simms portrays the redoubtable Nanny in re-enactments, no doubt with energy and a touch of her own humor. Gloria, a Trelawny Town Maroon, heads the Maroon Indigenous Women’s Circle in Jamaica. Other influential Jamaican women will appear in the film to talk about Nanny’s influence and inspiration in their lives.

Repeating Islands


A very select audience will be privy to a special screening of “Queen Nanny” when the documentary premieres in New York at the United Nations, Vinette K. Pryce reports for Caribbean Life News.

The invitation-only event is slated for Oct. 19 and will herald the world-wide launch of a feature showcasing one of Jamaica’s foremost heroine of Black resistance against white dominance and a spiritual leader and guerilla tactician.

Though many African women were called Nanny, the queen of them all was a maroon who led a band of former enslaved Africans in the rugged mountains of Jamaica to a decisive victory over the British army during the early to mid-18th century.

The evening tribute is being hosted at the center and headquarters of global discussion on democracy in partnership with the Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations and the United Nations Remember Slavery Program.

“Queen Nanny:…

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15 thoughts on ““Queen Nanny” to Premiere at the United Nations on National Heroes Day

  1. I remember hearing about her. They should do a documentary that covers all the National Heroes. A few years ago I say one on Marcus Garvey in Harlem at a private screening. Sadly enough it only document his years in America and never touched on his life on the island.


    1. Well, Marcus Garvey’s life was somewhat disjointed and many would say his years in the United States was the most important period. Have you seen the film “Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind” – a PBS documentary?


    1. Actually, it does say there will be a showing on October 20 as noted in the article: “A free, public screening will be held at Harlem’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture the following evening at 6:30 pm.”

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  2. The Jamaican premiere will be held on 23rd October in Kingston – at UWI under the auspices of the UWI – Institute of Gender & Development Studies and the Ministry of Youth and Culture as part of the public awareness raising for the World Heritage Site Inscription of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. A second showing will be held the following evening in Moore Town, Portland.

    The history and heritage of the Windward Maroons is a major component of the World Heritage Site inscription which narrates how the natural heritage of the Blue & John Crow Mountains provided everything the escaped enslaved Africans who became known as the Maroons, needed to establish their culture and defend their territory against the British eventually securing their freedom and sovereignty under the leadership of Queen Nanny.

    A significant portion of the documentary was filmed at Nanny Town which is the centre of the World Heritage Site located in the heart of the Blue Mountains and a two day trek through forest. The Windward Maroon community, the National Park Rangers, Jamaica Defence Force and others played a critical role in the filming of this documentary. The film is directed by Roy Anderson and produced by Harcourt Fuller – two Maroon descendants.

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    1. Thank you so much for this additional information, Susan! I was thinking about the World Heritage Site. This is beautifully timed to highlight the cultural and historical significance of the Blue and John Crow Mountains. I am looking forward to the premiere in Jamaica.


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