Yellow Haze

My fellow blogger Kate flew into Kingston the other day and took these photos. What is in the air we are breathing right now? Who is monitoring it? We had a huge panic over the Riverton dump fire earlier this year. Is NEPA still concerned about the quality of the air that at least half of our population is breathing every day?

Jamaican Journal

The other day, we flew back into Kingston from the U.S. There was a distinct haze over the city, and at first, I thought Riverton was burning again. But then I thought back to about a month ago, when I was thinking the same thing. And there are currently no major fires burning. However, there is a yellowish haze over the city and it must be pollution. It is similar to what happens in big cities when there is a “smog warning,” when the summer heat exacerbates the pollution. I don’t remember it being like this last year, or perhaps I am more aware since the dump was burning.

In any case, the air does not look too healthy. It gets better out in the country, except then you must contend with the fires the farmers burn to clear the grounds so that the green shoots can spring up again…

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