Mel Cooke and the Problem of Point of View

If you don’t follow the marvelous Jamaican writer and poet Kei Miller’s blog… Well, you should. This analysis of Mel Cooke’s little self-congratulatory piece on the “its” and “things” in Jamaican society is so perfect, and expresses everything I wanted to say before I got too upset to write any more. Please read and share. And thank you, Kei, for putting it all together so well…

Under the Saltire Flag

There is a saying in Jamaica – mi throw mi corn, mi nuh call nuh fowl. (I threw my corn, I didn’t  call any fowl). And another one – ‘throw stone inna hog pen, him who squeal a him it lick’. (when you throw a stone into a pig’s pen, the one who squeals is the one who was hit). Both sayings are about words that are aimed and yet pretend disingenuously to have no directions – words that hit targets but then shrug. ‘Oh? Did I hit you? I am so sorry!’


Mel Cooke’s recent article in the Jamaica Gleaner,  ‘Bye-Bye, Boom-Bye-Bye’ did a lot of throwing. He was throwing corn, throwing stones, throwing word. His target? Oh – the usual for any Jamaican DJ, Jamaican pastor or Jamaican newspaper writer who wants to create a stir – the homosexual community.

Let me say quickly – because in…

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