Will President Obama be Jamaica’s little train: I hope he can

And here are some more thoughts from another fellow blogger! Food for thought, too…

Jamaica: Political Economy

Hope springs eternal, goes the adage. President Barack Obama first won a mandate from the American electorate on a platform that had many key phrases to give new life to the aspirations of many who felt left on the outside of society’s progress. One of them was the simple word, hope. 

Just one word

I won’t go into what the first black American president has meant to his voters, his nation, or his race. We know that he is not loved by many Americans, some politicians, many ordinary citizens. The ‘birthers’ and those who want to pile doubt on President Obama’s legitimacy seem silly or offensive to many black people, in particular, and many people, in general.

I won’t talk about the hard-to-understand movements in world politics and economics. Even experts in those fields struggle to explain. Why join them?

Most people don’t understand why some groups feel pressed…

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