A Message from the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association

Dear readers: This popped into my inbox today. As I have hardly addressed this issue in my blog over the past year or so, I thought I would share it with you. This is not something that is going to be resolved overnight. I endorse the Minister of Justice’s cautious approach to the matter, although many are becoming impatient. We shall see how things develop in 2015.

Westmoreland Hemp & Ganja Farmers Association

Message from the Chairman:

Thanks to all our members, supporters and angels who help to make 2014 a year of purpose and action. Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association will continue to play a key role in ensuring grassroots people, traditional farmers, and Rastafari benefit fairly in the legal trade in Jamaican ganja commencing 2015.

As an association, we must remain aware that the regulation of our ganja industry, brings as many challenges as opportunities for wealth creation. WHGFA will continue to take a balanced approach to ensure grassroots people, traditional farmers, and Rastafari occupy an equitable position in the value chain.

Our work in 2014, concentrating in Westmoreland, has ignited the formation of other parish associations and alliances. rising up as the first grassroots organization to gain local and international respect from the people, government, potential business partners, and other stakeholders for advancing the interest of grassroots people, traditional farmers, and Rastafari. We give thanks for Hanover Hemp & Ganja Farmers Association, St. Ann Ganja Farmers Association, St. Mary Ganja Farmers Association, St. Thomas Ganja Farmers Association, Portland Ganja Farmers Association, & St. Catherine Ganja Farmers Association for joining the movement.
As exciting as 2015 promises, it will not be an easy year. We urge oneness among all stakeholders while recognizing and respecting differences by embracing commonalities, in order to regulate and develop an industry where everyone benefits fairly.

Let us continue to stand alert and, as our Government works to right many wrongs and create an atmosphere that will foster wealth creation for its people first, while balancing other interests, let us make our voices heard.

RAS IYAH-V – Chairman
Negril, Westmoreland.

2015 Prioritizes:

1. Legitimization of a Ganja Industry
· In a legitimize ganja industry, WHGFA stands committed to believing everyone can and should benefit in the value chain of ganja, from seed to customer.
· WHGFA will continue to engage government officials, establish partnerships with local and international stakeholders and other supporters to advance our mandate in the best interest of traditional farmers, grassroots people, Rastafari and our business partners
· WHGFA will contribute to and increase its advocacy to enact fair regulations that safeguard the industry from outside manipulation and unfair business practices.

2. Get Farmers Ready for Doing Business
· WHGFA believes in making its members shareholders. WHGFA will continue its work to ensure farmers are ready to convert decades of traditional growing techniques into sustainable income with the application of simple but effective business strategies and techniques.
· WHGFA will help its members get a fair price for their products or services.
· WHGFA is finalizing its work to develop a fair business model for wealth creation balancing the interest of our members, partners and customers.
· WHGFA is continuing its work to identify, develop and qualify, quality marketable ganja products and services

3. Mobilization and Organization
· WHGFA is continuing the call for Parishes to organize and form professionally run organizations that will be able to bargain for an equitable position in a regulated industry.
· WHGFA continues to be available for providing technical guidance and support to these Parishes

RAS IYAH-V – Chairman
Negril, Westmoreland.

CONTACT: Triston Thompson
JAM: 876.331.0075

Also on Facebook —
Westmoreland Hemp & Ganja Farmer’s Association


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