Happy New Year… and Thank You!

It is 2015, an afternoon of gentle sunshine. I wish you, all my dear readers – near and far, old and new followers – a New Year full of love, peace and happiness.

I so appreciate your reading, following, sharing and commenting on my posts. Special appreciation is due to Dennis, Catherine, Barbara, Chris and Lisa, who were my top commenters in 2014! Thank you – I do enjoy receiving your comments everyone – and I always respond!

Looking forward to continuing our conversation in 2015…

The holiday is nearly over, and the garlic vine blooms are fading in our yard. Here they are in the evening light...
The holiday is nearly over, and the garlic vine blooms are fading in our yard. Here they are in the evening light…


13 thoughts on “Happy New Year… and Thank You!

  1. I got my love of plants and growing things from my Dear Parents. My Dad was a Botanist Edinburgh Univ in the Thirties his first job I believe on his returnto Barbados was at the sugar Cane Plant Breeding Station,and followed by further study at Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture,St Augustine Trinidad sugar agronomist and both of them were keen gardeners in Barbados and Trinidad and we moved around from one sugar estate to another .Wherever we moved to they had a garden.But it was only later when I had left home that I sought opportunity to work on the land In my minds I I can see the flowers( orchids on stumps of coconut palm,anthuriums and vegetables sweet potato dasheen cassava ,okra You’l get me going now!that they grew .For me it was as an illegal with Mexican Filipino Labour at Leary’s pear orchard in Walnut Grove California 1970-71 before the Border Patrol got to me ,Searle Nurseries,Selkirk Manitoba ,tobacco farm PEI I retuned to Barbados in 1972 and had a short spell as a overseer at Alleynedale Plantation St Lucy etcetc. My Dad never owned a bit of ground anywhere had he owned land of his own it would not have been sugar cane that grew an acccursed crop if there ever was one ,


    1. Once gardening gets in your bones…! My aunt was an avid gardener and I gained a great appreciation of flowering plants from her. We used to spend hours in the garden together. Why do you say sugar cane is an accursed crop? I suppose because of the historical connotations…


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