Tomorrow, December 5: Focus on Volunteerism

Dear readers, as you may know – I am a volunteer. So tomorrow is World International Volunteer Day and I will be celebrating, all day tomorrow, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, with a flurry of tweets and Instagram photos from Jamaica’s National Volunteer Symposium. Look out for them! (I am @petchary). I will blog about it, too. Here is a press release from the Jamaica National Foundation. Why don’t you sign up with them? They are astonishingly busy and active, every week of the year…

Time to get up off our butts and DO stuff! Actions speak loudly…


Second National Volunteer Symposium

The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) Foundation, the Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) and CUSO International have renewed their collaborative initiative and will host the second annual National Volunteer Symposium, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, in New Kingston, on Friday, December 5, which is being observed as World International Volunteer Day

The symposium, under the theme, “Volunteerism: A Spotlight on Youth Leadership and Innovation,” will demonstrate and highlight how volunteerism can become an effective means of honing the leadership skills of youth volunteers; as well as, to generate innovative social programs to tackle negative societal issues.

Mandela Day fun at the YMCA in 2012. (My photo)
Mandela Day fun at the YMCA in 2012. (My photo)

“Approximately 100 youth volunteers will participate in the symposium,” Saffrey Brown, General Manager, JNBS Foundation said, “And this year’s staging is designed to facilitate increased interaction between presenters and participants for a mutually beneficial experience.”

Miss Brown explained that, in addition to the formal presentations, there will be a “World Café,” featuring six stations, hosted by adult leaders of local social volunteer groups. This will give the young participants the opportunity to meet in smaller groups to learn from the experiences of the respective hosts.

“This year “World Café” will allow our young volunteers to interact with our established leaders of volunteer organizations who are creating impactful legacies. The leaders will relate their experiences from working in social programs to the young volunteers, as well as respond to questions,” Miss Brown outlined.

“We are also launching the “GoVolunteer Contest,” prior to the symposium,” Miss Brown stated. “Our young volunteers will be invited to submit a brief video highlighting a social project or venture they would like to initiate or expand. These videos will be shortlisted; and persons submitting videos will pitch their project at the symposium. Based on their presentations, the most innovative project will receive an award,” Miss Brown announced.

A grant of $50,000 will be awarded to the youth volunteer leader who submitted the best video presentation highlighting their project idea. The awardee will be decided and announced at the symposium, and the award presented.

The National Volunteer Symposium will take place on International Volunteer Day, December 5 and will be the precursor for the CVSS’ Day of Care initiative on December 6. On that day, the youth volunteers will be encouraged to turn out to assist groups of homeless persons in downtown Kingston.

JN Volunteers sing harmoniously at last year's Christmas treat at the Golden Age Home in Vineyard Town. (My photo)
JN Volunteers sing harmoniously at last year’s Christmas treat at the Golden Age Home in Vineyard Town. (My photo)


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