Colour Pink Group’s first training session

The work of the Colour Pink Group is little known, but they are quietly making progress. Here is my fellow blogger Kate’s account of their first training session. There is a lot of difficult work to come – but this is an important step forward.

Jamaican Journal







It was a bright Saturday morning at the ManPower office in Crossroads that a group of 11 young men showed up to begin a program that is ultimately intended to secure them employment. Behind this innovative training program for this group of young men (who identify as gay, bisexual, sex workers, transexual or men who have sex with men) are Jermaine Burton and Astley Grey, founders of the Colour Pink Group (CPG). This group is aimed at securing employment for these young men, most of whom have been marginalized by society to the point that they can’t stay in their homes or communities or they have not gained the skills they need to work because they could not finish school or obtain training.

At 9 a.m., there were three young men dressed in the uniform of black shirt and pants and a pink tie. By 11:00 a.m., 11 had showed…

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