New Radio Series on Cockpit Country Starts Tomorrow

Here is a release from the Windsor Research Centre in our beautiful Cockpit Country. Do tune in, watch the videos, visit and share the Facebook page. If you would like more information, do contact Mike Schwartz or Esther Figueroa – contact information below. If you care about Jamaica’s precious biodiversity…Do spread the word!

Windsor Research Centre is excited to announce that Jamaica Environment Trust has come on board as a partner in the “Cockpit Country is Our Home” Multi-Media Public Awareness Campaign and is co-sponsoring a ten-part weekly feature with Cliff Hughes on Power 106 at 12:35 p.m. on Wednesdays. Each feature will be on a different topic that alerts the public to the essential ecological services provided by Cockpit Country and the need to protect Cockpit Country from mining, deforestation and pollution.

This Wednesday 24th launches the first of the series, with the Topic Water. Cliff will be interviewing Fresh Water Biologist Kimberly John who has done extensive
research in Cockpit Country. Broadcasting alongside the ten-week Wednesday specials will be interesting factoids about Cockpit Country that will both inform and inspire listeners.

To access the “Did You Know” Cockpit Country tips as they roll out, as well as other campaign information including photos and videos that you can share – visit Windsor Research Centre on Facebook. You can be part of this exciting celebration of Cockpit Country by writing/blogging/reporting on the many ways that Cockpit Country is central to Jamaica.

For more information visit; and Windsor Research Centre on Facebook.

Watch “Cockpit Country – Voices From Jamaica’sHeart” and

“Cockpit Country is Our Home” (two beautiful films) and follow the campaign as it rolls out over the next three months.

Save Cockpit Country! Say NO to Bauxite Mining!

Michael Schwartz, Windsor Research Centre:;
Esther Figueroa, Campaign Manager:; 407-7439

Our First Speaker: Ms. Kimberly John
Kimberly John, originally from Trinidad, has lived and worked in Jamaica for over 20 years specializing in the conservation and research of freshwater systems. She has conducted assessments of freshwater across Jamaica Cockpit Country, Black River, White River, Rio Grande (and other Blue and John Crow Mountain rivers) in support of protected areas, watershed management and hydroelectricity generation projects. She led the Waters for Life initiative in Jamaica which focused on inland fishery management and long-term, ridge-to-reef protection of the Rio Grande freshwater ecosystem. Kimberly’s interest and work among the Windward Maroons earned a Conservation and Sustainability fellowship at IUCN, and a Sustainable Watershed Management Award from Swiss Re Ltd. As Caribbean Science Programme manager at The Nature Conservancy, she leads a team of regional scientists responsible for data management, GIS, scientific tools and research. She has published her work in freshwater conservation, indigenous ecological knowledge and produced a documentary on the community-based action to protect freshwater wildlife. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Geography and a Master’s degree in Zoology specialization in freshwater ecology from the University of the West Indies.


The beautiful Cockpit Country. (Photo: Ted Lee Eubanks)
The beautiful Cockpit Country. (Photo: Ted Lee Eubanks)

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