Jamaican Broadcaster Salutes Hitler on Live Television

I mentioned this disturbing incident which occurred on Sunday on live television. What is even more disturbing is that there has been NO comment, let alone an apology, from the television station concerned. And many Jamaicans seem to think that this outrageous behavior is “no big deal.” It is an insult, not only to Jewish people, including Jamaicans, but also to all the minorities (including black people) who suffered and died at Hitler’s evil, racist command. And, indeed, it is extremely painful for all those of German descent. I wonder how the German team this journalist was “praising” would have felt about it? Shame on you, CVM Television.

Dimitri Lyon

Veteran Jamaican broadcaster Rohan Daley on Sunday, July 13th, 2014 saluted Hitler by uttering the phrase “Heil Hitler” in celebration of Germany securing the 2014 World Cup title. It was inconceivable to think that a broadcaster would have uttered such a phrase on national television. In so doing, Mr. Daley single handedly tainted what had otherwise been perceived as superb coverage of the games by CVM television.

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8 thoughts on “Jamaican Broadcaster Salutes Hitler on Live Television

  1. Perhaps we are all a little numb from all of the trials and tribulations in the world. I did have a strong reaction when I read this in the blog and remembered thinking this is just one more horrific thing to respond to. I don’t watch TV and mostly for this very reason.


    1. I know. It is so depressing. I am considering not watching TV world news. It fills me with dread and depression. Then at the end they try to add a light, cheerful report at the end of all that horror! But somehow the news always creeps in to our lives – hard to shut it out. Yes, I think it does numb you. Thank you very much for your thoughts!


  2. @Patrick I don’t see what the motto “Out of Many One People” has to do with it. Mr. Daley wasn’t “dissing” Germans. He apparently, very ignorantly, thought he was praising them. I also don’t think the lack of backlash is any evidence of double standards. It is quite simply, again, ignorance and lack of awareness. For people living in Jamaica, Nazism, the Holocaust and all of that part of history, is not as live an issue as it is for people living in the U.S. or Europe. Of course this in no way excuses Mr. Daley’s actions or the absence of reprimand.


    1. We should have be thankful we live in a free world ( some of us) hence that was my opinion, equating Jamaica’s motto which he could have thought about before blasting off his stupid comment. The fact he could have thought of heil Hitler, he put down a ton load of people without thinking of the inclusiveness of all races of Jamaican Society. I dont think you should be speaking for him as to what he thought – you should speak for yourself on the topic at hand versus what you think he was thinking or meant.


      1. Yes Patrick. It is an insult to so many people and groups of people at so many levels. No, I cannot think for him and can only think that the outburst was out of sheer ignorance. No matter how excited he was, it was completely inexcusable.


    2. Yes, ignorantly he thought he was praising the German team, but they would have been deeply shocked and embarrassed if they had heard about this. So it was dissing them too. And I think the motto is relevant in the sense that if Jamaica is to live up to that motto it should always be acutely aware of the ills of racial divisions and more sensitive to these issues…?


  3. Shame indeed. What a shock! Does this broadcaster know the meaning of ” OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE” in Jamaican Society. Then again, Jamaica has a double standard around so many things so not really that shocking in hindsight that there is no backlash.


    1. I think Jamaicans simply did not care very much. The television station clearly didn’t consider it important. And it also points to the lack of standards in broadcasting and elsewhere.


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