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Fellow-blogger Kate Chappell was at last night’s Youth Forum. We were both inspired by the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the young women whom Kate helped to train in media techniques. The voices rang loud and clear, and much enjoyment was had by all. As Kate says, DO – spend some time with Jamaica’s young people. It will give you hope!

Jamaican Journal

For people who are concerned about the future of Jamaica, or the world in general, please spend some time with young people. I had the pleasure of doing so last night as part of WMW’s (Women’s Media Watch) graduation ceremony for a training session called Her Voice, Her Power that is part of a PowHERhouse Youth Forum. (I was a trainer, along with fellow Cuso volunteer Karen, with my topic being the Fundamentals of Journalism).

The idea behind this training is to inform young women about media and their role in society. In other words, to empower them with the knowledge of how they can use both traditional and modern media (newspapers, radio, tv, internet) to get their voices out there. Why does this matter? It seems self-explanatory when one peruses media: images of women lack diversity and are often demeaning. In fact, we discussed how the media…

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