On Religion and Rights in the Caribbean

Here’s another reblog, this time from a great website in Grenada. This excellent article by Groundation Grenada’s co-founder Richie Maitland covers a number of issues that preoccupy our religious leaders right across the English-speaking Caribbean, while questioning the imposition of these religious (read “Christian“) views on these specific issues. This has serious implications for our democracies and the proper functioning of our societies. Much wider and deeper dialogue is required. Do enjoy this thought-provoking article and share widely. Your views are always welcome, of course… And thanks again to Richie for this.

Groundation Grenada

Religion in the Caribbean is an enduring institution and an integral part of our culturescape. Besides the ways it enriches the spiritual lives of religious people, it creates social spaces for communal fellowship and where useful friendships are formed. Religion has also historically operated as a mobilizing force against oppression. Recently, the Grenada Conference of Churches spearheaded innovative debt reduction negotiations to alleviate Grenada’s national debt; they continue to engage meaningfully with the Government of Grenada and the IMF to avoid structural adjustment strictures that are potentially damaging to Grenada. I want to therefore state clearly that this article isn’t intended to discredit religion or religious institutions in any way, but rather to question a regional practice whereby religion is allowed to force and shape public policy. Public policy is the action taken by government to address a particular issue affecting the public. As the examples below indicate, religious involvement…

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