Taking a Short Break (and Thank You!)

Dear and faithful readers:

I am taking a short break to study for my DELF B-2 examination in French. I am very nervous but will do my best on Wednesday June 26th. After that, I will post a combined edition of my twice-weekly current affairs updates for your reading pleasure.

Meanwhile, I invite you to browse through Petchary’s archives, where you will find quite a variety of articles going back three years to when I first began blogging. This will be my 479th post! Amazing how they add up…

I leave you with a photograph I took this evening at the Theatre Place in New Kingston, before a benefit performance by the incredibly talented young band Nomaddz. Through their generosity and kindness, this was a benefit performance for Eve for Life, which supports young mothers living with HIV/AIDS and their children.

Thank you, Sheldon and Nomaddz! You are crazy and brilliant; you will go far. And a special thank you to all those friends and supporters who came to this evening’s show “Breadfruit is the New Bread, Baby!” 

See you soon.

Program Manager of Eve for Life Joy Crawford with Sheldon Shepherd of Nomaddz outside the Theatre Place this evening. (My photo)
Program Manager of Eve for Life Joy Crawford with Sheldon Shepherd of Nomaddz outside the Theatre Place this evening. (My photo)

23 thoughts on “Taking a Short Break (and Thank You!)

  1. Wishing you success in your exam. Nervousness isn’t such a bad thing, if you know how to harness it to work for you. 🙂 Looking forward to your return.


    1. You are right. If controlled nervousness can be really good…I used to do this with exams – get myself wound up tight, then slowly release it during the exam! What I have noticed though is that my powers of concentration are greatly reduced since my student days – I fear I have lost that focus!! Hmmm…


  2. Aweeee I wonder how much longer it’ll be showing. Would love to see it. So sorry you are taking a break but I’ll be sure to back track a bit!

    All the best in your exams and who knows maybe our paths will cross this sumer!!! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the good wishes. I hope our paths DO cross, it would be great to meet up! Let me know. Actually I think that was Nomaddz’ final performance of that show in that location, but they are on Facebook and Twitter… You could find out what they are doing this summer! They were excellent. Very original!


  3. All the best for ur exams! as we say here in Ja; tear it up!mash iT up!
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