Trench Town Reading Centre needs your support!

Trench Town, Kingston 12. Immortalized in more than one song by Bob Marley. Just a stone’s throw (literally, across the narrow street) from the “Government yard” where Marley spent his youth is the Trench Town Reading Centre. And the Centre needs your help. In the swirl of rising prices that we are enduring (electricity bills will rise by 10% next month, due to the devaluation of the Jamaican Dollar) this amazing little “oasis” os struggling to survive. It depends only on donations and volunteers. Why do I call it an oasis? Because the children are thirsty…thirsty for knowledge, learning and stimulation. This is much more than a room filled with books (for children and adults). It is a center of learning and a place where the children can literally take refuge, play, discover, be themselves, laugh, create and explore that creativity. It has a small and dedicated staff, who truly love the children, in an area where the Member of Parliament who has represented them for decades once called the youth “irredeemable.” They are not. They are young Jamaican citizens, full of promise, hope and love. Please read this article I wrote in 2010, and f you can feel it in your heart to donate (even $10) please go to their beautiful and informative website and join the Facebook page, Friends of the TrenchTown Reading Centre – updated regularly with news and photographs. The Centre does not charge for any of its programs – including wonderful six-week long summer classes. Believe me (and I have visited many times) it IS a special place. (If you do a search on my blog, you will find several more articles that I have written on the Center). Thank you! Please share…

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The Petchary is dipping back into Trench Town – just to tell you a bit more about the Trench Town Reading Centre.  Ah, you can now find them on Twitter at TrenchTownRC.  (I am not sure why Jamaicans are wary of Twitter…the Petchary loves pottering through tweets, retweeting and finding little nuggets of information and fascinating articles.  One can skip through the trivial, occasionally profane comments between individuals… And one can “unfollow” of course).

There is a Paypal button on the Centre’s website, where you can make a donation.  Large or small, all is welcomed.

It’s hard to describe how much Trench Town Reading Centre means to the children.  Self-esteem is not an easy thing to nurture and grow in an environment as harsh and oppressive as inner-city Kingston, Jamaica. There is heat, there is noise, there is no green space for a child to play. There is…

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