And the winners were… Jamaica Blog Awards

In case you are interested, the winners of the Jamaica Blog Awards and links to their blogs are listed below. Do take a browse through, subscribe, comment and support our local blogging community!

And, once again, many thanks to all those who voted for me and who have supported and encouraged me in my writing!

The following list of the Top Jamaican Blogs and Bloggers was extracted from Caribbean Journal, Article Entitled: Jamaica’s Top Blogs.
Jamaica Blog Award Winners:
Best Music Blog – 13th Street Promotions
Best Technology Blog – Geezam
Best Beauty and Fashion Blog – Natalia oh!
Best Photography Art Blog – Cultural Voice
Best Company and Business Blog – Hummingbird Hall Wedding Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog – Maximize My Life
Best News and Current Affairs Blog – Veritas
Best Personal Blog – Kimroy Bailey
Best Entertainment Blog – 13th Street Promotions
Best Overseas Jamaican Blog – Chef and Steward
Top Blog Post for 2012 – 100% Renewable Jamaica (Kimroy Bailey)
Best Twitter Micro Blogger -Jomarie Malcolm
Best Tumblr Blog – Lace and Zippers
Best Writing on a Blog – Negril Stories
Best New Blog – Just Hitched Now What
Best Video Blog – The Duke Powell Show
Best Jamaican Focused Blog – Petchary’s Blog
#HASHCON2012 Contest Winner – She Rose by Lace and Zippers
Personal Achievement Award for Excellence in Blogging in Jamaica – Kirk Brown from Jamaipanese
Kimroy Bailey, who writes an eponymous blog at, was named Jamaica’s Blogger of the Year.

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