Two New Environmental Films by Independent Filmmaker Esther Figueroa

I first met independent filmmaker Esther Figueroa at the offices of the Jamaica Environment Trust, headed by local “green warrior” Diana McCaulay. I find her work powerful, down to earth and a simple expression of the impact of “development” on Jamaica’s fragile ecosystem. Here is a list of all Esther’s films on Jamaica’s environment, available on YouTube. They will open your eyes…

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Jamaica For Sale:

Connecting the Caribbean with seabird conservation:

Protecting Pedro – South West Cay fish sanctuary:

Protecting Pedro – building conservation capacity:

Harbour View victory:

From small beginnings:


Historic Falmouth:

Massa God fish can done:

Fonthill, Jamaica’s gift to the world:

Repeating Islands


Jamaican filmmaker Esther Figueroa, whose earlier film Jamaica for Sale addressed the environmental costs of tourism development in Jamaica, has just released two environmental films available through youtube. Her documentaries on Caribbean environmental issued showcase the power of film to bring attention to the myriad environmental tragedies taking place everyday throughout the region.

[Many thanks for allowing us to post them here, Esther.]

Connecting the Caribbean with Seabird Conservation:


A 27 minute documentary about the need for seabird conservation in the Caribbean. Tansboundaried by nature, seabirds depend on a range of habitats and territories and connect the Caribbean. This documentary presents important information about seabirds, explores some of the threats they face and the efforts to deal with these threats across the Caribbean, and how The Nature Conservancy has tried to protect one of these bird species, the Masked Booby on the Pedro Cays. A film by Esther Figueroa, Vagabond…

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