Running late!

Yes, that was a play on words. I have been so absorbed by the Olympics today that I will be starting (and finishing) my weekly post late. Do forgive me. Our hearts and minds were in London, while our eyes across Kingston and Jamaica were glued to television sets and big screens for the 100 meters final, won by our two “golden boys,” Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Ernesto‘s rains drip harmlessly outside, as it passes to the south of us.

Soon come!

Usain Bolt
The marvelous Mr. Bolt immediately after winning the 100 meters gold in London. (Photo: Ricardo Makyn, Jamaica Gleaner)
Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt
Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt celebrate with a bunch of crazy fans! (Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach, Reuters)

12 thoughts on “Running late!

  1. Bolt and Blake. Two great sprinters. So sorry about Asafa, the gentleman among Jamaican athletes. And yes – Ernesto. we’re lucky! I’ve been watching tropical storms for a very long time, and I’m never comfortable with one that passes nearby Barbados. We were lucky. Again.


    1. We do have some great luck, don’t we? I loved all our athletes in different ways – and those non-Jamaicans too. I am going to blog about some of them next week. Ernesto gave us a break, thank heavens! So we should be able to celebrate tomorrow. Happy Jamaica 50!


  2. 😀 Yes! I am most surprized that my eyes too were glued to the screen and I haven’t really been a sports fan!

    *Storm?* What storm? Grand Gala nah miss mi tomorro 😀 Looking forward to experiencing the Jubilee village as well!


    1. I am not a huge sports fan but am devoted to Arsenal Football Club. That’s really the only sport I do follow. But it was all quite thrilling and I so enjoyed all the Olympics – the “non-Jamaican” parts too… It’s quite windy and rainy here in Kingston now but things should be OK by tomorrow. They did close the Jubilee Village at Stadium this afternoon though as weather was poor.


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