One Love, etc

As the minutes tick away towards midnight, may I wish you, my dear, long-suffering, patient followers and subscribers a 2012 beyond your wildest dreams (of happiness, that is).

May the New Year bring you a calm mind, a peaceful character, a joyful heart, and sure steps towards prosperity.

Here in Kingston, as the booming of a bass line sounds from a neighbor’s party, we are preparing to celebrate “Jamaica 50″ – the fiftieth anniversary of the island’s Independence.  Here’s to the next half-century, whatever it may bring!

We are also celebrating (or some of us are) a “new” government, with the Orange Ones that I have referred to in recent blog posts making a surprise, and emphatic, comeback.  Wish them (and us) good luck.

One Love, and all that.  And keep in touch.

PS  You may see from my Vodpod sidebar that I have been playing some of my very favorite songs of all time – “big chunes” as Jamaicans would say.  I nearly drowned in a huge wave of New Year’s Eve nostalgia today.  Forgive me.  But please do browse through – and at least watch the gorgeous “Pali Gap” – Hendrix at his most lyrical.

The Petchary

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