OK, I will start off with a couple of really trivial ones:

Why do politicians walk around with silly hard hats on when they are out breaking ground or something?  Are they expecting the sky to fall?


Prime Minister breaks ground
Why is the Prime Minister and company wearing hard hats? There's no building yet! Or are they expecting a flock of pigeons to pass overhead?


Why did it immediately start raining after we went out and bought a new lawn sprinkler?  (And it hasn’t stopped since).

Why isn’t Johnny Depp sexy any more?


Johnny Depp
Johnny in his "I am so devilishly sexy" days. He's now just rather odd and slightly haggard. And come to think of it, can he really act?


Talking of hard hats, why do Chinese workers deserve jobs on a Jamaican construction site, when so many Jamaicans are unemployed?  (Sorry, that’s not trivial at all.  Someone, please give me an answer).

Why can’t we all just get along?  (OK, not an original comment, but still valid.  Tolerance seems to be getting scarcer).

And why don’t I get excited about Christmas nowadays?  (No, don’t answer that one – the Petchary knows full well the several reasons for this).

Why do Jamaican journalists always refer to water as “the precious commodity”?  Where did that come from?

Why do leaders like Hugo Chavez feel they need to tighten their fist, so that they eventually have the populace in their clenched fist, ruling by decree?  (Those floods were very convenient).  Doesn’t he trust his own people?  He seemed rather a jolly fellow at first – cuddly, even – like a favorite uncle; but the twinkle in his eyes has now become a hard glint, and he doesn’t smile so much.


Hugo Chavez greeting Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa December 14 2010
The man who made red berets his own salutes the arrival of the Ecuadorian President on December 14. Where has that smile gone?


And, closer to home, why won’t Cuba let a “dissident” (I don’t like this word) travel to France?  Guillermo Farinas nearly died earlier this year while on hunger strike protesting the plight of Cuba’s many political prisoners.  Now they won’t let him out to receive the EU’s top human rights award, the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.  Another award to an empty chair.


Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas
Guillermo Farinas thinks much too freely. But at least he's allowed a Christmas tree.


And come to think of it, why isn’t thought allowed to be free in so many parts of this miserable little world?

And why, for heaven’s sake, does Arsenal always draw Barcelona in the Champions League?

Arsenal draws Barcelona in the Champions League
Oh, noooooo.... Put it back in the envelope!

As the Petchary’s father always used to say, “Answers on a postcard, please”…

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13 thoughts on “Why

  1. Re: Hard hats
    I guess it is like nurses who don gloves as they enter the patient’s room. Most of the time you need them; sometimes you dont.

    Re: Chinese workers in Jamaica
    Maybe the answer is in the “agreement.”

    Re: Farinas
    He is already “out.”

    Re: Freedom of thought
    Our thoughts can can be free in our world. We just cannot share them with everyone.


    1. No, Farinas is not out. He actually accepted his prize via video. And yes, I would love to see that agreement re: the Chinese workers. Finally…we in Jamaica and elsewhere can share our thoughts, through blogs and newspaper columns and television discussions. In some countries, including Cuba, North Korea etc. people are not even offered the opportunity to do so.


  2. Good questions. Unfortunately, I have very few answers. I guess politicians wear those silly hard hats to put in our minds the idea of them actually doing work-in office or otherwise. 🙂

    Poor Arsenal. The (bad)luck of the draw it seems.


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