Three things today made the Petchary gulp in disbelief, and despair.

1.    Four men (in one go) were shot dead by the police in rural western Jamaica over the weekend.  I am told by someone who saw this that they were thrown into the back of the police jeep like “pieces of trash.”  They were then transported (by a long route) to the hospital, where they “officially” died.  Yet in truth, they were dead long before they arrived at the hospital.

Even more depressingly, their families didn’t much care.  They were thieves, after all.    Oh, and in August this year the police killed five in Westmoreland – the same area of Jamaica.  Quite a few notches on their weapons of choice.

Janice Allen poster
SOS Jamaica, indeed

2.  Back to Pakistan again, where a man has been arrested for blasphemy.  Why?  Because he threw away a business card he had been given by a doctor at a function, in the garbage bin.  Sorry?  Don’t quite get that.  Well, the doctor’s name was Mohammed, and he threw the name of Mohammed in the trash.

Business cards in the trash
Is there a Mohammed in there, or maybe two Mohammeds?

3.  There is an “artiste” (how the Petchary hates that word) in the “dance hall” idiom in Jamaica called Pamputae.  She is “fluffy” (in Jamaican slang this currently means “obese”).  Or perhaps obscene is the word we are looking for?  One of her “songs” begins with the words “Pat your ….. and call yuh man name.”

1.   How did we become so cold and heartless?  Is a life worth nothing, not even to family?

2.  Are we so blinded by our ignorance, wrapped up in religion, that we can throw a man in jail for discarding a business card?

3.  Is Jamaican society so debased and degraded that a song about patting your private parts, sung by an obese woman in tights and a hideous wig, can become a hit?

The alluring Pamputae leaving nothing to the imagination.

The Petchary apologizes, but has to ask this question:  Has the world gone a little insane?

Perhaps, as John Lennon sang, “Instant Karma will get you.”

Instant Karma!
Yes, it might just get you!

10 thoughts on “Gulp

    1. Thanks very much. My experience on the issues described in that particular blog is certainly first-hand. It’s not theoretical at all. I do know and experience these things. I live in Jamaica and so my references to Jamaica are certainly based on my knowledge and experience. Please continue to read and comment and you can subscribe by email. Also you can vote for this blog at


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    1. Thanks so much for your comments. All disturbing stuff in different ways, I agree. The TV news is really tough going, sometimes – especially the faces of those left behind. And the blasphemy thing is just quite baffling. If anyone has any answers, I would be grateful.


  2. Oh wow… last time i watched a decent portion of the news it started crying, every piece was about some killing 😦

    That Pakistan case is just crazy yow! And as you alluded to dancehall is depressingly lacking


    1. Oh dear! I am seriously disturbed by certain trends in Dancehall. Never heard this song but I am sure it’s not very different from many of the ‘hits’. I can’t stand to watch the news and see how many people view life. I could never think of anyone deserving to be killed, regardless of anything they have done, worse by law enforcement in such barbaric ways.
      Blasphemy is a shocker. I can’t even think about it.


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