The Petchary wishes former Archbishop Desmond Tutu a peaceful and joyful retirement. We know it will be joyful, as the dear Archbishop has always, despite everything and through everything, been able to tap into the joy of life. His laugh is infectious, his twinkling eyes.

Archbishop Tutu is one of the Petchary’s all-time “heroes” (yes, a cliche I know). He has always seemed to her like a genial father figure – but one who will step in, hold up his hands, and simply stop a furious crowd from lynching a man, as we have seen him do. And they moved away.

So, no more media interviews, no more conferences. He is going to continue work with his own foundation, and with an amazing group called The Elders, who sit and reason together and put forward solutions and advice to whatever leaders will listen to them. You can look up their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Facebook group. You should do that.

Desmond Tutu at the World Cup
A cuddly-looking Desmond Tutu celebrates a South African goal

Happy 79th birthday dear Desmond Tutu. I know you will continue to shine your light in so many ways.

The Elders are shining stars

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