Today was a bleaky day. In Jamaican terms, this means grey, cloudy, no sign of the sun (except when, early in the morning, it gave up the struggle with a swathe of bone-grey cloud, and allowed itself to be slowly smothered). On bleaky days there is no sun, nor is there any rain. But the heat is choking, and builds up steadily. After all, tomorrow is July.

Meanwhile, the Gulf of Mexico and the unfortunate inhabitants of its shores suffer another fateful blow. A very large hurricane, with the quite friendly name of Alex, is whirling in the Gulf, churning up its oiled waters.

How will this affect the desperately sad efforts to control the boiling tumor under the sea that is the oil leak?  There are reports that the boisterous waves have broken up some of the oil (but, presumably, not made it go away, just divided it up a little).  In other places, there are images of dark waves splashing ominously over the booms that lie like beaten pillows along the shoreline.

Waves on a Louisiana beach
A dirty tide slops over the orange defenses

In the picture above, the Petchary can detect the shapes of two seabirds…

Meanwhile, the evening grows bleakier, the light oozes from the sky.  The Loggerhead Kingbird trills, and is replaced by the harsh churr of the Antillean Nighthawk.

Antillean Nighthawk
The ghostly Antillean Nighthawk in the Caribbean dusk

By the way, it is said that “June is too soon” in the hurricane season for such turbulence.  But, this is 2010.  Jamaica may be in for another rough ride…a different kind of pressure.

The Nighthawk growls in the dark.

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