Nuh Guh Deh! End sex with our girl child #Jamaica


Yesterday’s launch of Eve for Life’s “Nuh Guh Deh” campaign was really successful. Partners and supporters joined us and while the mood was upbeat, our hearts were touched. We have much food for thought, and much work to do! Here is journalist/writer and Cuso volunteer Kate Chappell’s account (Kate also live-tweeted from the event).

Originally posted on Jamaican Journal:

The concept of the “dirty old man” preying on underage girls for sex is a phenomenon that has so faded and become so normalized that a Jamaican civil society organization has launched a campaign against this horrible practice. This was the message from Eve for Life’s Joy Crawford at an event yesterday

“Nuh Guh Deh” (patois roughly translated to ‘leave it alone’) was launched yesterday by Eve for Life, a Jamaican NGO that aims to create a safe space for girl children and women affected by HIV/AIDS.

(Statistics show that women account for 42 per cent of cases in Jamaica. In the age group 15 to 24 years old, infected women more than double the number of men.)

The technical term is ‘transactional sex’ or ‘cross-generational sex’ and occurs in situations in which older men such as a neighbour, taxi driver or bus driver solicit sex from underage girls…

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  1. We live in such a desensitized world, any effort to make people consider the harm being done to the vulnerable in our society is laudable. Too many people make a choice to turn away, not to hear or to think about it. “It’s too upsetting” they cry. How nice to have that choice.

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